iCampus is a comprehensive school management system that automates most of the daily tasks performed by all school staff members. It is an innovative solution that Interconnects all school departments and streamlines academic and business processes and procedures.

deploy iCampus to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your communication with iCampus and deliver measurable business results!

As a school there is a need to understand the importance of effective communications to enhance your daily operations, in order to accomplish this, a solid internal infrastructure is required for all teaching and administrative staff. This infrastructure aids the sharing of key information eliminating any miscommunication, loss of data and duplications of simple tasks. Giving back time and redirecting the focus to your students, their education and shaping their futures.

logo is designed to meet the unique and varying needs of your  schools’ managing education. It is a dynamic web-portal that empowers Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff Members, and Management to login and gain access to all the relevant information and communication from a central location.

logo utilizes various modules which manage the student academics and enhances the student-teachers experience, while integrating with the back-end administrative operations. It consists of an integrated set of modules to aid teaching and studying, as well as managing core education administrative processes. This includes admission processes, student information management, student finance, recruitment processes, staff/HR management, Ministry Reports, inventory, accounting, time & attendance, library and many more…


iCampus Solution

‘With iCampus you are now able to upgrade your website making it the hub for all communication between teachers, parents and students. Eliminate paper-based communication regarding homework, activities, special events, grades and bills.’