External Systems Integration


“System integration is defined as the process of bringing together the components.”

We here at interconnect encourage schools to update and enhance their school services, in order to achieve this, third party applications are occasionally required for strategic growth. 

We can provide you with a list of reliable vendors and advise you on tested solutions in order for you to achieve effective results.

We have experience in the following areas: 

Cashless Campus - a smart card issued to students upon registration. Funds and Daily limits can be added to the card enabling the student to purchase books, make use of the library, canteen and any additional services that previously would have required money in the student’s hand.

RFID - In Campus monitoring student device used to locate the learners whereabouts. The device could be hidden within the student’s uniform, or integrated into the cashless campus card.

Bus tracking – a GIS based solution that allows parents to track the student bus at any given time. This device sends notifications to the school simplifying the transportation monitoring process.

Digital Classrooms - State of the art digital classroom, digitized content and an LCMS. This includes interactive boards, projectors, LAN, WAN, sound and video on demand.

Docu Center - An integrated solution that allows the school to print books on demand, school magazines, matrix exams, circulars and mass digital production of both CDs and DVDs .