Onsite Technicians

We have technicians available for full-time outsourcing so you can get the support you need without having the expense of an employee.

Interconnect can provide an IT expert who will work on-site for your company at an affordable cost. They will become an integrated member of your business while having access to Interconnect’s knowledge base and team. Your technician will help keep all computer hardware and software up and running, monitoring your networks, as well as ensuring all back-ups are made in case of an emergency.

Interconnect technicians are dedicated to improving your schools’ productivity by keeping your computers and networks running smoothly.

The Benefits

Cost Savings:

Outsourcing one of Interconnect’s IT on-site technicians is less than the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

High Quality Staff:

Interconnect technicians are fully trained and result-oriented to provide fast solutions that will keep your schools’ operations on track.

Access to Technology:

Your on-site Interconnect technician will have designed processes, patches, service packs and routine tasks as well as manage a ticketing solution for schools employees.

All of our computer technicians are not only friendly and helpful, but they are certified computer professionals using industry best practices when building and maintaining your network.