InterConnect is an education systems and solutions provider that offers dynamic school management and learning enhancement products and services across the region. Headquartered in Dubai, Interconnect helps K-12 schools to automate their school processes. This is done effectively by centralizing student data, streamlining strategies for school administrative divisions cross platform integration, and generating accurate reporting. We offer a host of products and services including iCampus, our comprehensive school management system.

  • iCampus is a comprehensive school management system that automates most of the daily tasks performed by all school staff members.
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  • InterConnect is excited to unveil the new iCampus Mobile app. Connect on the go with this multi-platform app. iCampus mobile
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  • Learn-Online is InterConnect's robust eLearning platform. Faculty and students use it to teach and learn in and outside the school.
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  • Interconnect chose Access-IT Library as the preferred library management program to integrate with its flagship solution, iCampus.
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  • Have you been wanting to accelerate and enhance the learning of your students by transforming your classrooms into eHubs through
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  • What type of services does InterConnect offer? +

    We provide a full range of software solutions and services to cover your schools' needs. These services include: Hosting Services, Web analyzer, Web Statistics and Logs, E-mail Services, Project Management, Application customization and Training. You can read more about our services on our SERVICES page. Read More
  • What makes iCampus different to any other solution? +

    Easy, we know the market as we have faced our own hurdles in the past! We have identified the need within this diverse market and took the necessary steps to develop and build our solution for the Middle East in Read More
  • What school curriculum does iCampus support? +

    iCampus can handle different types of programs within a single school, your school can follow a IB program for your middle school along with IGCSE, but the application does not limit you to any specific curriculum, let it be an Read More
  • Which departments do iCampus cover? +

    Each module in our application covers one or more department. iCampus modules covers the IT, HR, payroll, administration, library, financial and registration departments.   Read More
  • What is iCampus? +

    iCampus is a complete School Management System that follows a step-by-step model that allows users easy input, process, analyze and then output data. This School Management Solution offers the widest available customizable options for information management with features that help Read More
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