Campus Core

Campus Core is the central source of your student data. This module allows you to build your school structure as per your required curriculum, collate, control and review information.

Campus Core delivers back accurate information you need to help actively manage your school and make real-time decisions based on evidence and not assumptions.

Record student grades, attendance, conduct and medical information over multiple years and compare past information with present.

General Overview

Give teachers an online grade-book to use anytime from anywhere. 

Eliminate the need for teachers to calculate final term grades by hand.

Design report cards & transcripts with student data, legends, school logo, etc.

Produce report cards & transcripts instantly. 

Calculate GPA and class rank with ease. 

Track student completion of graduation requirements.

Streamline daily grade entries.

Enter grade comments for semesters, grades, classes or students  which can be reflected on report cards and the  online Campus Gateway. 


School Structure Overview

Course Management:

Create Core & Elective courses.

Pre-Registration for Elective Courses.

Set weight & Coefficient.

Define Course Resources.



Daily Log & Medical History.


Hearing & Vision.




Generate Ministry reports with one click.

Export any report to PDF, Excel, and RTF.

Design reports with any student data, plus school logos.



Track attendance in real-time.

Maintain both period-by-period attendance and daily attendance.

Calculate aggregate attendance numbers (e.g. ADA) on the fly.


Skills Progress:

Define several Skills & Focuses.

Set a score for each Skill.

And More... 


Features that benefit you

  • Flexible grading system. 
  • Health module.
  • Student Progress.
  • Attendance.
  • Exam Seating/ Time table.
  • Ministry Reports.
  • Course Management.
  • Exports.