Campus Staff Management

Helps schools increase the business value of their human resource functions while delivering better employee services at lower costs. Our Campus Staff Management solution combines technology with sound business processes to create a single source for HR, self-service, payroll, benefits and talent management functions.


Here you can capture employee personal and professional details. When linked with “Self Service”, this information can be updated by employees themselves with appropriate approvals built into the system. HR records an employee's personal details with multiple addresses, dependents, photographs, passports, visas, prior job histories, experiences, and qualifications. Our HR will help your school to streamline internal processes through effective workflow practices, helping improve business performance, facilitate innovation and enhance operations.


Payroll includes domestic and international payroll processing, time and attendance processing, employee data maintenance, employee inquiry, pay calculation, payroll payment production and distribution, deduction remittance, and general payroll accounting.

It also integrates with the general ledger, accounts payable and personnel systems to provide unparalleled flexibility and power for all your administration needs. The payroll module is fully compatible with the regions labour law. Various calculation parameters and the allowances are also configurable as per the user requirements.

General Features

  • Ease of use with all relevant data readily available, such as employee master records, Year to Date earnings, deductions. 
  • User defined deductions and earnings codes.
  • Supports direct deposit. 
  • Audit files of all changes to employee master records.
  • Track absent time, professional development details.
  • Benefit maximizing and average salary calculations.
  • Create Pay Slip for each employee.
  • Comprehensive library of reports using our Report Designer.
  • Sends SMS and or Emails to Employees.
  • Track important dates. 
  • Manage training. 
  • Create form letters.
  • Process new hires/leavers.