Campus Gateway

The Campus Gateway is the knowledge centre that allows parents, students and teachers to keep up-to-date and in-contact.

Campus Gateway offers your school the tools you need to leverage events, news, and activities that are truly interactive, from giving prospective students information on registration procedure, to allowing people to keep informed about your organization in real time.

You're only as good as your weakest link. And if your website fails to link your school and all of its constituents - students, families, alumni, faculty, and administrators- your school will fall to the bottom of the pack. That's a bad situation when your mission is to stand apart from the rest and offer the best experience possible to all of your students.

With Campus Gateway as your portal your website won't be your weakest link. In fact, it could be your strongest. Now you'll be able to offer services that help students, alumni, and other school constituents stay connected with each other, which helps you maintain your own enduring connection with them, and fosters a lifelong affinity to your school.